Celebrate Historic B-Sedan racing with a sideways Cortina and a BMW 2002 at Marlboro Raceway in 1967

Let’s celebrate Historic B-Sedan racing with a sideways Cortina (notice for sale sign) and a BMW 2002 with license plate and steelies at Marlboro Raceway in 1967. While this was not an U2L Trans-Am race but an SCCA regional B-Sedan race, the spirit of sedan racing in the 1960’s is captured in this photograph as both cars were probably driven to the track where tire pressures were changed, helmets were strapped on and numbers were slapped on the doors.

The Marlboro Park Raceway in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. suburbs was built in 1952 as a dirt oval for stock car races. The oval was paved and incorporated into a twisty 1.7-mile road course, making it a favorite racetrack for SCCA. Trans-Am racing was introduced to Marlboro Speedway in 1966

(Photograph taken by Dave Nicholas)