We consider ourselves to be representatives and promoters of all things B-Sedan. The focus of this site are the cars and drivers who campaigned with the letters B/S on the side of their doors. As education and history are part of our mission here at B Sedan, we will focus on what is known as the Golden Years of Trans-Am racing, the 1966-1972 seasons.

Rial, the guy behind the brand, and his wife, Maureen, have been lifelong automotive enthusiasts. Rial grew up learning about cars at the Autocross tracks of Southern and Central California while day dreaming of the day it would be him on a track. Maureen grew up immersed in everything from MG’s to Road Runners and, not surprisingly, saved copies of the DuPont Registry to day dream about what her future car might be. They met in 2001 chatting about F1 and were married in 2005. Maureen brought the Road and Track subscription to the marriage.

After years of attending races, he told Maureen that "he wanted to go from the best seats AT the track to the last place ON the track". The universe agreed on that plan and Rial made his race track debut at Willow Springs in 2015 in a 1963 Triumph Spitfire. Cutting his teeth on the tracks of Buttonwillow and Willow Springs in an open-cockpit, low horse power car taught him many important lessons. This was the stepping stone to eventually racing amongst a class of cars that were a large part of his youth – the B sedans.

His current race car is a 1969 BMW 2002 (also known as the Eibach/Hot Wheels racecar). The BMW 2002 is currently campaigned in the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) series across the United States as well as in the Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) races in Southern California and with CSRG in Northern California. In 2018 he finished in 2nd place in SVRA's B-Sedan Lite National Championship. 

When not racing in his B-Sedan, Rial can be found at a Cars & Coffee in his 1965 911 (Yes the 911 raced in B Sedan from 1967-1969) with his wife and daughter or overseeing the restoration of a 1974 Alfa GTV that was previously owned by ex Alfa Romeo B-Sedan/Trans Am racer Vic Provenzano.

Our Mission is to be just like the B-Sedans: Keep it simple, honest, relative and efficient. 

Questions on race builds, how to get started in vintage racing, or anything car related? Do not hesitate to ask. 

Email : hello@bsedan.com or @bsedan.racing