B Sedan X Ampal Creative Pennant Paddock Black Cap


Pennant Paddock Black Cap

We have been a fan of The Ampal Creative for a while now. Their cool headwear designs, attention to detail and hand selected materials are unparalleled. Additionally, all their goods are exclusively made in the USA.  As a result of acquiring a few of their hats over the years, we knew we had to collaborate with them when the time was right for B-Sedan. After working on a few vintage looking patch designs over the last year, we reached out to the team at The Ampal Creative. They were great to work with and super helpful when it came to transferring our racing patch design onto their pennant cap.  We hope our paddock cap takes you back in time to the good old days when sedans and apparel were well made and the designs were simple but meaningful. 

Since 2010, all Ampal hats, socks, beanies patches - everything - has been exclusively Made in USA. We search local jobbers and manufacturers for premium textiles and unique prints. Often, we find a single roll of deadstock material and make as many hats as we can from it. Being 100% hands on in all stages of development, for each hat, allows us to ensure the highest level of quality.

"Made Like They Used To" is more than just a saying for us. It's how we try to make every product that we release. "Back in the day" clothing & most products were built to last, not disposable purchases that don't make it a year. We have a personal collection of Ampal hats that have seen years of adventures & abuse - they all have a great worn character, like a great old pair of jeans, but still have a few more years of sun protection in them.